C5 can elevate your corporate event to heights you’ve never even imagined.

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Awe-inspiring aerial acrobatics


Engaging interactive experiences


Unique movement and dance choreography


Spectacular multi-media moments

We can create a custom experience to turn your next presentation into an unforgettable event.

With exhilarating energy, our cutting-edge choreography and dazzling multi-media effects will leave your audience on the edge of their seats, more motivated than ever. Realize your potential. Create with no limits.

Your Corporate Presentation could include:

  • Awe-inspiring aerial acrobatics
  • Engaging interactive experiences
  • Unique movement and dance choreography
  • Spectacular multi-media moments

“Jeremy Plummer has the ability to be both ultra creative AND supremely organized at the same time. Very rare in the creative world. As a Director his vision is clear and concise.  As a choreographer, his hybrid art has developed into a dynamic fusion of movement and flight that ignites an audience. From a client point of view, he is a absolute pleasure to work with!”

Mark Dow, President/Executive Creative Director, Wilson Dow Group INC, Under The Radar

“Working with C5 and Jeremy Plummer at its helm is a rare mix of turnkey production management mixed with stunning and flawless execution. As an executive producer, knowing Jeremy took his budget and ran – instantly – to bring unsurpassed creativity to life without my need to even check in as his proactive status updates complete with visuals was more than I could wish for. Onsite Jeremy’s passion for wowing an audience goes beyond what I can describe making us hardworking perfectionists seem like slackers. Not a beat is missed. Not a deliverable is late. And the results of his creations endear our clients to us for the long haul. Jeremy is a true professional with high expectations of himself and his collective team, but also holds the ability to connect personally as well as professionally to those around him.”

— Rebecca Gitles, Freelance Executive Producer